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American Building Specialties Corp.

Manufacturer of DuPont™Corian Toilet Partitions and other Solid Surface Toilet Compartments

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DuPont Corian Toilet Partitions


American Building Specialties Corp (ABSCORP) can provide Corian solid surface toilet partitions.      

Solid Surface
Solid surface compartment systems are perfect applications where practical elegance, rugged durability, and ease of maintenance are important considerations. Luxurious colors and pattern throughout the material thickness offer the added advantage of easy on-site repair. Impervious to water, moisture and heat. Features a Class A fire rating. Corian toilet partitions are available in several different styles and with a choice of several types of hardware. The color selection for  corian colors start with Class "A" and "B" as the least expensive and increasing in price for the Class "C",  and "E" classes. See below for color selections.

Corian Class A & B Color Selection:
Corian Class C Color Selection:
Corian Class E Color Selection:
All Corian Colors by Class
Corian Colors in Alphabetical Order Format

Corian Toilet Partitions Specifications

American Building Specialties Corp (ABSCORP) can also offer corian specifications in several styles of toilet partitions. We can also write a custom specification for your application.             

Floor Mounted Overhead Braced with Stainless Steel Hardware
Floor Mounted Overhead Braced with Aluminum Hardware
Ceiling Hung with Stainless Steel Hardware
Floor to Ceiling Mounted with Stainless Steel Hardware

Corian Toilet Partitions Hardware

American Building Specialties Corp (ABSCORP) can also provide several options in hardware for solid surface toilet partitions.

ABSCORP offers both stainless steel and anodized aluminum hardware. With either choice continuous brackets are used at all locations, but stirrup brackets are also available.  When using all stainless steel hardware, a continuous stainless steel hinge or a  vault hinge is used. Aluminum hinges come in are 8" high wrap-around or continuous hinge. Special  Bommer or Markar hinges are available upon request at an additional charge.
Aluminum Exposed Hardware
Stainless Steel Exposed Hardware

ADA Toilet Partition Specialists

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