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Solid surface compartment systems are perfect applications where practical elegance, rugged durability, and ease of maintenance are important considerations. Luxurious colors and pattern throughout the material thickness offer the added advantage of easy on-site repair. Impervious to water, moisture and heat. Features a Class A fire rating. Corian toilet partitions are available in several different styles and with a choice of several types of hardware.

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Construction Details

  • Panels - Shall be manufactured of solid surface material 1/2" thick with homogeneous solid acrylic-modified polyester with natural fillers, colorants, and granulates.

  • Doors - To be same construction as panels - 3/4" thick.

  • Pilasters - Pilasters - Shall be 3/4" finish thickness solid phenolic core material..  Same construction as panel specification outlined above.

  • Floor Mounted Overhead Braced - Pilasters are to be anchored to floor with heavy gauge angle. Top of pilasters to be securely braced with extruded aluminum headrail with integral crown loafer rail.

  • Headrail -To be 1 7/8" x 1 5/32" x 1/16" with integral crown loafer rail, extruded aluminum heat-treated and anodized with necessary fittings.

  • Ceiling Hung -  Pilasters are to be anchored to overhead member (which member is to be supplied by others) with standard threaded rod, hex nuts and washers to provided vertical adjustment and necessary strength.

  • Hardware - Surface Mounted Stainless Steel Slide Latch, Coat Hook,  Stainless Steel Surface Mounted Hinge Assembly  and Stainless Steel Door Stop & Keeper.  

  • Fittings - Wall and pilaster brackets are 13 gauge stainless steel. All connections use 1-ear or 2-ear stirrup brackets with a minimum of four (4) per connection.

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