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American Building Specialties Corp (ABS) any of the four styles of restroom partitions in several different materials and by many different manufacturers. Including privacy options.

Toilet Partition terminology:

Door: Doors can range in size from 22"-37". Standard heights are 58" or 55" H 

Panel: Panels are the pieces that go in between the toilets to block views. Standard heights are 58" or 55" H

Pilaster: Pilasters are the support for the whole toilet partition system. They hold both the panels and doors up. They come in several different styles. 

Urinal Screens: Urinal screens separate urinals from other urinals or countertops/sinks. 

Privacy Screens: Screens that can be used as barriers to block sightlines from doors. 

Hinges: Hinges help make the door swing. They comes in several styles.

Latches: Latches are what locks the doors into place. They come in several styles.

Stop and Keeper: Stop and keepers are the item that stops the door outswing door from going in or inswing door from going out and where you latch it. 

Door Bumper: Door Bumpers keep the door from swinging too far and protect it hitting something else.

Brackets: Brackets are used for anchoring stalls to walls, pilaster, and panels. They coming in several styles.

Headrail: Headrail mounts on the top of overhead braced pilasters to help support the mounting style.

Shoe: Shoes go either at the top or bottom of a pilaster to conceal the mounting. 

Toilet Partitions: Products




Least Expensive Option

Baked Enamel / Powder Coated on Galvanized Bonderized Steel is available in all styles for Toilet Partitions, Showers and Dressing Compartments. The economy and durability of baked enamel / powder coated  makes it the popular choice for new construction or remodeling. Periodic washing with a mild soap and an occasional waxing with a good automobile wax will keep the finish looking new for years


Middle Level Option

Plastic laminates are available in all styles for toilet partitions, and dressing compartments but should not be used for  showers or near shower areas. Plastic laminate material is easily cleaned and can't rust. Dirt, grease and cosmetics do not penetrate the durable plastic surface which is highly resistant to scratches making it a great choice for bathroom partitions.


Sturdy Option

H.D.P. toilet partitions, showers and dressing compartments are manufactured using high density polymer resin. Color is solid thru-out. Compartments cannot rust, rot, de-laminate or absorb odors like marble. Surface has a beautiful orange peel finish to help prevent scratches. Completely water resistant, can be used under any moisture condition. Perfect for shower and dressing compartments as well as toilet partitions.



High End Option

S.P.C. toilet partitions, showers and dressing compartments are fabricated of solid phenolic core with matte finish high pressure melamine fusion welded to surface of core to form a one piece unit which will not delaminate; edges are dark brown solid phenolic resin. Completely water resistant, impervious to steam, soaps and detergents will not mildew.


Popular Option

Stainless steel bathroom partitions are available in all styles for toilet partitions, shower and dressing compartments. Stainless steel, the deluxe steel restroom partition material is easily cleaned and can't rust. Dirt, grease and cosmetics are easily removed. Even scratches can be eliminated by buffing the finish and blending the surface.


Highest End Option

Solid surface compartment systems are perfect applications where practical elegance, rugged durability, and ease of maintenance are important considerations. Luxurious colors and pattern throughout the material thickness offer the added advantage of easy on-site repair. Impervious to water, moisture and heat. Features a Class A fire rating. Corian toilet partitions are available in several different styles and with a choice of several types of hardware.

Toilet Partitions: Products




Most Popular

The most popular of the less expensive styles of toilet partitions is the floor mounted overhead braced. It provides a much stronger support than floor mounted only. Typical applications for this style of bathroom partitions are found in pool houses, restaurants, stores and office buildings.



Ideal for Low Ceiling

Floor mounted only bathroom partitions are often preferred in many applications since they are flush across the top with pilasters, doors and panels all at the same height. Floor mounted restroom partitions require 3/8" to 5/8" bolts in the floor to provide stability. Not recommended on toilet stalls that are 31" or smaller in width since larger pilasters are required at the end of larger panels.




Floor to ceiling mounted bathroom partitions are the most durable design, but they are more expensive because there is more material and it requires blocking in the ceiling for the pilasters to attach. It is good for all areas subject to high usage.  For problem areas we recommend the use of full height brackets and hinges.



Sleek Design

Ceiling mounted bathroom partitions are preferred in many applications since they provide ease of floor maintenance. These ceiling mounted restroom partitions  also provide a flush  look across the bottom of the compartments. Ceiling hung requires 3/8" to 5/8" bolts in the ceiling and it is usually more expensive than other styles because it requires pilasters to be attached to strut or iron in the ceiling. It has the same limitations as floor mounted on toilet partitions widths.

Toilet Partitions: Products
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